Logo Description Guild data
Akatsuki Total members: 11
Average level: 508
Guild level: 5591
Excalibur Total members: 2
Average level: 280
Guild level: 560
Misfits Total members: 6
Average level: 572
Guild level: 3437
Mobbin Mauraders
We are here to Mob and Maraud the lands of Reborn. Join us or be plundered! AHOY!
Total members: 1
Average level: 370
Guild level: 370
Reapers Reborn Total members: 13
Average level: 912
Guild level: 11857
Tier One Operators
Very Active, English speaking guild. We have a fully equipped Discord channel. Please message Sweeney, Defingra, or Mike Oxmall ingame to inquire. You may also check the guild forum board for a link to the Discord channel!!
Total members: 15
Average level: 1035
Guild level: 15539
who shot ya Total members: 2
Average level: 567
Guild level: 1134
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