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Update V2

Hello guys, today i bring you a new update:

Starting with imbuements, can now be unlocked with lucky coins, from NPC Ceasar at Carlins DP, so you guys won't have to complete the entire quest in order to unlock them.

Golden Outfit can be now obtained from NPC Addoner for 250,000,000 each addon.

Now some quests can be unlocked from NPC Geanna, so you don't need to complete all the missions
NPC Geanna is Located on the second floor of the north exit at Carlin. You only need to ask her for quest.

Upgrade Remover has now been added to !buy command, with it you can remove tokens from an item with +15 Tokens added and you will obtain 5 tokens back, you may ask why only 5, and thats in order to avoid people taking advantage of upgrade stones.

Fixed some map bugs, quest related bugs and the issue with traveling to yalahar.

Update V1.1

Hello guys,

Today we have update or better say fixed some details on the server that weren't working as intended like:

- Falcon and cobra bastion bosses, now doesn't require any quest to hunt them.
- Issavi mini bosses loot has been fixed.
- Spells utito tempo, utito san mas and utito sio mas, now give extra 50% of skills and last 60 seconds, in the case of utito sio mas, will give extra 50% ml. 

There has been added a new spell: exana hur, that will heal any condition(poison, fire, ice etc..)

Starting today every new account created, will obtain 15 premiun days.

NPC Ceasar will now sell for lucky coins:

- Berserk shield maker 15%
- Elemental shield maker 15%
- Fierce armor maker 15%
- Magical armor maker 15%
- Burster weapon maker 1.5x
- Soul ring maker 10
- Speedster boots maker 25%

So players can obtain them without the need of donating.