World Reborn Ot Rules

As our intention is for all the players to have fun, and enjoy their time playing World Reborn Ot, so in order to maintain this balance, we must clear some points for everyone.
This is the World Reborn Ot set of server rules that everyone playing our OT must follow:

Avoid naming your character with: 

a) Names which contain insulting (e.g. "Bastard"), racist (e.g. "Nigger"), extremely right-wing (e.g. "Hitler"), sexist (e.g. "Bitch") or offensive (e.g. "Copkiller") language.
b) Names containing parts of sentences (e.g. "Mike returns"), nonsensical combinations of letters (e.g. "Fgfshdsfg") or invalid formattings (e.g. "Thegreatknight").
c) Names that obviously do not describe a person (e.g. "Christmastree", "Matrix"), names of real life celebrities (e.g. "Britney Spears"), names that refer to real countries (e.g. "Swedish Druid"), names which were created to fake other players' identities (e.g. "Arieswer" instead of "Arieswar") or official positions (e.g. "System Admin").


Multiclient is allowed for 2 characters at the same time from the same IP. Players can MC hunt up to 2 characters, but only if they are not in a party. Party hunting with MC for bonus experience is not allowed. It is prohibited to control more than one character at a time in PVP, by using multiclient system. Each character in a PVP fight must be controlled by a unique player. This includes healing your characters, untrapping yourself, blocking pathways or any other way that changes the outcome of a PVP fight.


We understand tibia world has changed and the use of this tool its essential for some players. Reason why its included on our Official Client. The tool can be use for Hunting or PVP with the interaction of players.

Abuse of Bugs:

The intended abuse of a Bug that compromise the Server Functionality can be consider as a several offense. If you find any bugs, report it to our staff.

Gamemasters and World Reborn Ot STAFF:

Threatening a gamemaster or staff member because of his or her actions or position, pretending to be a gamemaster or staff member to have influence on other players. Intentionally giving wrong or misleading information to a gamemaster or staff member concerning his or her investigations or making false reports about rule violations or disrespecting any staff member and gamemaster could be result of a warning or banishment of any player.

Abuse of Chat Channels:

Players are not allowed to abuse of any chat channel by spamming or using them in a way different for what it was intended.

Trading in real life:

Players are not allowed to trade in-game items, accounts, money, premium points, or anything from World Reborn Ot Server for Real Money.

Players Accounts:

We consider every account is personal, so it is prohibited to share your account information.


World Reborn Ot is not responsible for the lost or theft of Donation Items. We do not encourage players to donate. Donations are not a service, as its name says “Donations”, are intended to help the server to stay online.

There are more rules, but we consider this as the most relevant and as tibia players we understand you know the game. So if you understand you are doing something wrong or you are tell by a Gamemaster or staff member not to do something DON’T DO IT!. if you understand you are getting punished by no reason for any staff member abusing of its power, inform Rayleigh of your situation.

World Reborn Ot Server reserves the right to ban or punish any player for any reason listed or not listed an consider a offense to the game or website. We reserve the right to change in any moment any of the rules listed. If you need to contact us for any reason out of the game, you can send us an email to: